Things to Do in Serpa and Beja

Discover the places to visit in Serpa, Beja, Mértola and the Guadiana Valley Natural Park.

Explore Baixo-Alentejo

Explore the wonders of Baixo Alentejo open plains, where a tapestry of cultural heritage and natural beauty awaits in Serpa, Beja, Mértola and Vale do Guadiana Nature Park.

Visitar Serpa Castelo e Muralha Medieval, Hotel em Serpa

Begin in Serpa

Steeped in history, medieval Serpa boasts ancient walls, a striking castle, and cobbled streets that whisper tales of bygone eras.

Muralha Medieval de Serpa

Wander through cobblestone streets and discover ancient landmarks like the Serpa Castle, offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, or the Municipal Archaeological Museum housing treasures from the past. Serpa’s vibrant local markets offer a glimpse into authentic Alentejo.

Aqueduto de Serpa, hotel em Serpa

Head to Beja, on the horizon

A city steeped in history, where majestic monuments such as the Castle of Beja and the Beja Regional Museum await your exploration.

Museu Rainha Dona Leonor Beja
Beja Igreja da Misericordia

Head north to the Alqueva Lake

Experience the enchantment of Alqueva Lake. With its expansive reservoir and stunning landscapes, it’s the perfect backdrop for a variety of water activities or simply unwinding on its peaceful shores. Explore nearby villages steeped in history and indulge in tasty local cuisine.

Lago do Alqueva Alentejo
Passadiço Lago do Alqueva Alentejo

Or head south to Mértola and Parque Natural do Vale do Guadiana

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Vale do Guadiana Nature Park and Mértola, a picturesque town nestled within the park, renowned for its Moorish architecture and archaeological treasures. Take the opportunity to make a stop along the way to visit the charming Mina de São Domingos River Beach and enjoy a pleasant drink at the Beach Bar.

Mertola Baixo Alentejo

For nature enthusiasts, a visit to the Vale do Guadiana Nature Park is a must, where you can hike along scenic trails, spot diverse wildlife, and marvel at the tranquil beauty of the Guadiana River.

Mértola Torre do Relógio
Cascata do pulo do lobo no parque natural do guadiana